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ICRAFHN - 2018

School health programmes for the enhancement of learning attainment
Asma Parveen, Umme Kulsum

Genomewide sequencing reveals presence of multidrug resistant genes in E. coli isolated from chicken
Sonali Paithane, Laxmikant H. Kamble

Exploration of Godawari River for Cellulase Producing Bacteria
Supriya Waghmare, Gazala Pathan, Laxmikant Kamble

Isolation, spectral characterisation, antioxidant and molecular docking of annona muricata phytochemicals against phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate-3-kinase
Kamble Sandhyarani, Laxmikant H. Kamble

Isolation, characterization and biodiversity of actinomycetes from rhizosphere soil of some medicinal plants
Raut R A, Kulkarni S W

Optimization of cellulase production from cellulose degrading microorganism isolated from cow dung
Sarika R Deshmukh, Rahul P Bhagat, Nilesh V More

Virulence of rhizoctonia solani to potato
B. M. Kareppa, J. R. Kote

Studies on post-harvest fungal diseases of sapota (Achras sapota L.) in fruit market of Palam dist-parbhani, Maharashtra, India
Dhondiram P. Gadgile, P. V. Pawar

Optimisation for production of bioethanol by zymomonas mobilis and saccharomyces cerevisiae using starch substrate from corn
R. S. Awasthi, Neha Shah, Swati S. Bhandare

Quality guidelines proposed by who for the cultivation of medicinal plants
Shinde S. N., Manisha Gurme, S. D. Dhavle

Study of future food crop Bidens biternata (Lour.) Merr and Sheriff - a nutraceutical aproach
Umate Satish K., Marathe Vishal R.

Positive effect of medicinal plant in India
Shivaji G. Jetithor , Shital S Samate

Effect of herbal extract on growth of Alternaria alternata
Mangnalikar S. S., Gawai D. U.

Exploring the beneficial properties of trichoderma viridae and development of economic medium for its mass production
Ayesha G. Siddiqui, Apurva A. Sikhwal, Shradha D Soni, Rajendraprasad S Awasthi, Swati S Bhandare

Advantages and disadvantages of traditional fermentation of dairy products
Varsha B. Kharobe

Enumeration of the medicinal plants of Renapur tehsil, Latur dist, Maharashtra
Yadav S. G.

Cytotoxicity studies of cobalt oxide nanoparticles from one precursor
Jivan R. Kote et al.

Evaluation of anti-lipase activity of crude plant extract
S. R. Jadhao, Syed Irshad S. I., C. N. Khobragade

FTIR spectroscopic analysis of phytochemical extracts from Hibiscus rosa–sinensis L. used for hair disorder
K. S. Gomare, D. N. Mishra

Biocontrol activity of PGPR species isolated from Lonar-lake
S. V. Kshirsagar, A. V. Manwar

Analytical study of physico-chemical parameter of sugar factory effluents of Yelegaon, District Nanded
S. N. Kabadi, S. S. Kadam

Extracellular biochemical synthesis of silver nanoparticles
R. A. Andhare, Afrin Jikare

Plants as a source of a novel anti-typhoid therapeutic agents: A Review
Nilesh V. More, Shital M. Datkar, Rahul P. Bhagat, Vihang V. Patil

A review: design and development of guava fruit pulper
Nikam Mayur Prafulla, Patil Sachin R.

Application of nanoparticles in management of fusarium spp
Manorama B. Motegaonkar

Induction of new forms of amylases indicates adaptation in Tribolium castaneum towards wheat α-amylase inhibitors
Mohammed Mujahed, L. H. Kamble

Wound healing plants of renapur tehsil, dist. Latur, Maharashtrafruit pulpery
Nagargoje G. R., Yadav S. G., Awad S. K.

Design and one-pot synthesis of hybrid thiazolidinone based triazines derivatives as potent antimicrobial agents against human disease-causing pathogens
Ravindra S.Shinde, J. A. Angulwar

Cosmetics: the magic of micro-molecules
Abhay S. Bondge, Kalimoddin I. Momin, Sushil R. Mathapati, J. K. Dawle

Ferroferic nanoparticle catalyzed synthesis of multicomponent 3, 4-dihydropyrimidine-2-(1H)-ones/ thiones at ambient temperature
Radhakrishnan M. Tigote et al.

Phytochemical analysis of rauvolfia tetraphylla l. from Marathwada region of Maharashtra
Kishorkumar P. Maknikar

Biochemical analysis of indigofera L. species with special emphasis on protein content and phylogenetic analysis
Smita P. Gudadhe, Prashant J. Gadge, Varsha S. Dhoran

Utility of ethnopharmacology and ehnomedicine in ayurveda
Shital Ghorband, Dhulappa Mehatre, Narayan Jadhav

A review paper on “design and development of lab scale pineapple fruit juicer”
Somnath D. Savalkar, Sachin R. Patil

Studies on composition and components of airspora belonging to phycomycetes over the field of sugarcane
Kadam S S, Kabadi S N

Estimation of Reserpine from healthy and diseased roots of sarpagantdha Rauwopfia serpentina L. Benth ex Kurz) by HPLC method
M M Dudhbhate, B M Kareppa

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