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Table of Content - Volume 27

Study of association of MTHFR 677 C→T gene polymorphism in coronary artery disease
Shetty Prithviraj Manohar Vijaya et al.

A study on association of Eustachian tube function with graft uptake in chronic suppurative otitis media (tubotympanic) patients in tertiary level care hospital
Yoganandh M, Balasubramani J, Getrude Banumathi P, Sujatha S, Jaiganesh D

The study of biochemical composition of breast milk in malnourished mothers versus well-nourished mothers
Sharmila M Mane, Neelam J Patil, Alka V Nerurkar, Sachin Patharkar

A rare case of skin metastasis from soft palate cancer

Meenu Gill, Reeti Saini, Rajeev Sen

Evaluation of balance related tasks in hearing impaired children

Tejas Borkar, Pradeep Borkar

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