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Abstract               Introduction: Diabetes mellitus (DM) causes significant morbidity and mortality. The importance of proper diagnosis and management of this non communicable disease is being increasingly recognized. This study was conducted to assess the knowledge about DM among medical students who are the future health care providers. Materials and Methods: The data was collected from a questionnaire filled by medical students studying in Final year MBBS and internship in Father Muller Medical College Hospital, Mangalore. Results: From this study it was found that 81.25% of the interns and 78.75% of the final year students were aware of the classical symptoms of DM. The interns (65.4%) were more knowledgeable than the final year students (48.3%) about the biochemical parameters. The awareness about diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and its management was poor. Conclusion: There were gaps in knowledge of both the final year students and interns. Education programs teaching in detail about diabetes mellitus, its complications and management are needed to be incorporated more effectively in the medical curriculum.

Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, awareness, medical students.


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