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Abstract               Introduction: Ascites is a known complication in cirrhosis of liver and ascites can develop in many other conditions in adults like cardiac, infectious, autoimmune, renal, malnutrition and many others clinical conditions. Ascites along with abdominal distension presents with other salient features depending on the etiology. This study was focused on evaluating variuos aetiological factors involved in ascites. Methods and Materials: It was a cross sectional study done among 60 patients with ascites in K M C Hospital Mangalore from September 2006 to September 2008. Patients were clinically assessed and subjected to various biochemical tests of blood and ascitic fluid. Results: Among the 60 patients of ascites majority of the patients are males85% probably related to alcohol, and cirrhosis of liver was the leading cause for ascites66.7% followed by HBV infection10% and tubercular peritonitis8.3% and nearly33.3% were of the age group between 40 to 50years. In our study anorexia and pain abdomen were common presenting symptom along with distension of abdomen and pedal oedema was seen in 88.3% of patient’s pallor and spleenomegaly are the other common signs. Conclusions: Cirrhosis was the common aetiology for ascites when compared to other causes probably seen in chronic alcoholics as it is shown in our study that males in mid age group are more affected.

Keywords: Ascites, Cirrhosis, Etiology, Hepatitis.


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