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Abstract        Introduction: Blunt trauma to abdominal is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality among all age groups. Identification of serious intra abdominal pathology is often challenging. Intestinal disruptions can be due to a variety of types of blunt trauma, with automobile being the most common etiologic agent. Aims and objective: To study the incidence and pattern of various organ injury due to blunt trauma to Abdomen and its Management. Materials and Method: Total 40 cases of blunt abdominal trauma were enrolled in the present study. Diagnostic laproscopic was performed in all the patients using standard guidelines. Hemodynamic parameters were watched meticulously during the procedure. Postoperatively, the patients were observed for vital parameters, hemoglobin level and return of bowel functions and wound complications. The patients who underwent spleenectomy were given vaccination against meaningful, pneumococcal, and H. influenza type B infections. The patients were discharged after return of normal bowel functions, drain removal and ruling out complications if any. The collected data was analyzed and presented with appropriate table and graphs. Results: Majority of the patients (75%) in the present study were less than 40 years of age. Majority of the patients were male (80%). The most common mode of injury was road traffic injury (60%) followed by fall (15%) and assault (20%). The incidence of liver trauma was 70% followed by spleen injury (35%). The incidence of small bowel injury was 20% whereas kidney and colon injury was 10% each. 75% patients were managed successively by conservative management. Explorative laprotomy was required in 25% patients. Conclusion: Thus we conclude that the highest incidence of blunt abdominal trauma was seen in males in 2nd and 3rd decade of life and was most commonly due to RTA. The liver, spleen and small bowel were the most commonly injured organs. By using diagnostic laproscopy majority of the patients were managed efficiently by conservative management.

Keyword: laprotomy, road traffic accident, liver injury, blunt abdominal trauma.


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