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Abstract Background: Pelvic incidence is a measure formed by the upper end plate of sacrum with that of midpoint of line connecting the centre of femoral heads in standing position. It has been attributed as an important risk factor causing slippage of vertebrae at L5-S1 level. Its value has been documented in Caucasian population. Literature evidence of its value in Asian population especially in Indian population has not been documented. To find correlation between the three variables pelvic incidence, pelvic tilt and sacral slope. Materials and Methods: 77 patients with spinal complaints coming to Orthopaedic OPD were included in the study. All patients underwent standing AP AND LAT view of Lumbosacral spine, underwent analysis of Pelvic Incidence, Pelvic tilt, Sacral slope using Image Works CR 10.20 Mach 7 Technologies Software System[IWCR Rockey 10.20 DICOM Workstation]. Results: Mean±2S.D of Pelvic incidence, Pelvic tilt, and Sacral slope were 29* to 73*, 1* to 29*, 25* to 57* respectively. There was no correlation between Pelvic tilt and Pelvic incidence or Sacral slope and Pelvic incidence, whereas there was positive correlation between Pelvic incidence and summation of pelvic tilt and sacral slope. Conclusion: The above parameters range may be used as a measure of Pelvic incidence, Pelvic tilt, and Sacral slope in Indian population. However, the above parameters need to be analysed in asymptomatic healthy volunteers too.

Keywords: Pelvic Incidence, Pelvic Tilt, Sacral Slope, Asian Population,Lumbosacral Spine.



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