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Abstract          Introduction: Diabetes Mellitus(DM) is a non communicable disease and most common metabolic disorder reaching epidemic proportions globally. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes show direct relationship between the glycemic control and the risk of systemic complications. Blood glucose estimation is the mainstay of diagnosis and management of diabetes mellitus. Aim: To compare the blood glucose estimation methods from capillary blood by glucometer and venous plasma glucose estimation by Semi auto analyser and to find out variation percentages in results. Material and Methods: 80 patients attending Outpatient department of a tertiary care level hospital who were advised blood glucose estimation were selected. Finger prick (capillary) blood glucose was measured by glucometer and venous plasma glucose estimation was measured by Semi auto analyser in central laboratory. Results and Conclusion: Capillary blood glucose estimation by glucometer is better alternative to venous plasma glucose estimation for diagnosis follow up and in emergency conditions in diabetic as well as non- diabetic patients.

Key Words: Semi Auto analyser estimation, Blood glucose, Finger prick capillary, Glucometer, Plasma.


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