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Abstract     Aim: The variations taking place in various quality parameters prepared by the two methods, the efficiency of one method over the other and to determine the more potent platelet concentrate on the grounds of day of storage.Materials and methods: During the study period June to July 2015 - 3639 donors donated their blood to the Government Rajaji Hospital. One thousand and sixty five platelets were prepared in this period. On screening, units positive for transfusion transmissible infections were excluded. Eighty platelets prepared by platelet rich plasma – platelet concentrate method and 80 platelets prepared by buffy coat poor platelet concentrate method were selected .The following parameters were studied under this project. Platelet concentrate volume, Swirling, Platelet count per bag, WBC contamination / count per bag, pH changes. Results and Discussion: Eighty PRP-PC units were assessed and the mean platelet count was 3.721 + 2.165 × 1010 (mean ± SD) per unit. The mean platelet count of 80 BC-PC units was 5.232± 2.778× 1010 (mean ± SD) per unit. The mean platelet count of PRP-PC and BC-PC was compared and statistically significant difference was observed. The mean WBC contamination in PRP-PC unit was 3.93 ± 1.755 × 107 (mean ± SD) per unit. In BC-PC unit ,WBC contamination was 1.91 ± 1.441× 107 (mean ± SD) per unit. On comparison, BC-PC units had less mean WBC contamination than PRP-PC per bag and the difference was statistically significant (P< 0.001). Based on our study, we came to the conclusion that platelet concentrates prepared by both the methods viz, PRP and BC , met with the desired range of the important quality parameters when they were belonging to less than the third day from the day of preparation. Almost 50 % of PRP –PC ( belonging to I and III days ) and almost 53 % of BC-PC ( belonging to I and III days ) showed 4/ 5 scores. It is obvious that as the storage period increases , the quality of the platelet concentrate decreases. Thus the maximum desired storage of the PC with the efficient parameters can be upto 72 hours. Conclusion: There was no significant difference between PRP-PC and BC-PC units in terms of swirling and pH. The platelet count was significantly higher in BC-PC method . WBC contamination was found to be less in BC-PC than PRP-PC units. There is significant decline in quality of platelets with storage period – day 1 and 3 platelets score better and are qualitatively superior.

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