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Table of Content-Volume 21, Issue 3 - January 2017

Role of psychological intervention on psychological well being in incidental radiological findings of otherwise normal pregnant females

Nasir Mahmood et al.
Subject: Psychiatry and Radio Diagnosis, Medical Sciences

Conceptual study of Shukra Dhatu mala in relation to Mukhadushika

Neha Yashpal Singh Mahar, Shital R Rasane
Subject: Ayurved Samhita Siddhant, Medical Sciences

Respiratory manifestations of dengue fever from a rural based Medical College Hospital

Venkateshwarlu Nandyala, Krishna Prasad T, Gandiah P, Anand G Reddy
Subject: , Medical Sciences

Individual organ dysfunction in case of acute febrile illness

Santosh P Ghagare, Trupti H Trivedi, Nivedita D Moulick
Subject: Medicine, Medical Sciences

A clinicopathological study of lung cancer from south India

S GD Gangadaran
Subject: Medical Oncology, Medical Sciences

Evaluation of preoperative and postoperative corneal astigmatism after pterygium excision surgery with limbal autoconjunctival graft

Supriya Deshpande, J P Mishrikotkar, Snehal Thakre
Subject: Ophthalmology, Medical Sciences

Acute twisted bowel - management by resection and primary anastomosis

Saumya, Sharique Nizami, Rajeev Kumar Shaw, Saba Naz
Subject: Surgery, Medical Sciences

Obesity is a modifiable risk factor for incipient nephropathy in Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Shamha Beegum Mariyam, Saboora Beegum Muthubeevi
Subject: Biochemistry, Medical Sciences

Obesity A study of clinical and haematological profile of paediatric patient with protein energy malnutrition

Suhas P Kulkarni, Ashok Chougule
Subject: Pediatrics, Medical Sciences