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Table of Content-Volume 22, Issue 1 - February 2017

Seroprevalence of transfusion transmitted infections among voluntary blood donors at a tertiary care teaching hospital in Kolhapur, India
Chougale R A, Shinde P J
Subject: Microbiology and Pathology, Medical Sciences


A study of perinatal outcome in meconium stained amniotic fluid
Priti Singh, Surendra Nath Soren
Subject:Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical Sciences


Auto immune pancreatitis - A case report
Remya Baburaj, Prabhu Radhan, Rajoo Ramachandran, Subramanian Ilanchezhian, Praveen Kumar
Subject: Radiology, Medical Sciences


Carcinoma cervix: Prevalence and risk factors in patients from rural India
Balaji P Nalwad, Rajesh V Darade, Chate Preshit
Subject:Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical Sciences


Ultrasonographic correlation of abnormal uterine bleeding at perimenopusal stage
Jaideep M Palwade, Charushila S Borole
Subject: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical Sciences


Assessment of present status of plant species in Otuoke macro habitat of Ogbia in Bayelsa state, Nigeria:A checklist of plant species in the study area
B L Nyananyo, M M Etukudo, M I E Roberts
Subject: Biological Sciences, Medical Sciences


Clinical profile of mononeuritis multiplex in a tertiary care hospital
Rohit Pai, Srilakshmi Prabhu, Raghavendra B S
Subject: Neurology and Medicine, Medical Sciences


Impact of pre–natal diagnostic technique (PNDT) act implementation on child sex ratio in India
Keshav Singh, Shantha A, Rajendran A K, Kasthuri A, Arumugam P
Subject: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical Sciences


Physio-chemical studies of some irrigation water sources from Ogbia, Bayelsa state and their effects on elemental composition of Zea mays L.
M M Etukudo, R A Ukpe, Ikechukwu Nyenwe
Subject: Biochemistry, Medical Sciences


Relationship of inflammatory markers with metabolic and anthropometric variables in obese individuals
Bindu Gopinathan Nair, Saleena Prameela Chinnaiah Rajadas
Subject: Biochemistry, Medical Sciences


Autoimmune status and the morphological disease in the thyroid gland

Priakshi Baruah, Sheereen Tarannum, Aniruddha Mukherjee
Subject: Pathology, Biochemistry and ENT, Medical Sciences


Incidence of coronary artery disease in asymptomatic obese individuals

Neelima S Deshpande, Vaibhav Lade, S A Sangle, H D Prasad
Subject: Medicine, Medical Sciences


Placental thickness an estimator of fetal growth variables
Shantha A, Kesavsingh, Arumugam P, Kasthuri A, Rajendran A K
Subject: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical Sciences


A rare case report of anaesthetic management in a paediatric patient with Christ-Siemens-Touraine syndrome
Sonali Khobragade, Leena Ingle, Amol Jatale, Jitendra Bhagat
Subject: Anaesthesiology and Medicine, Medical Sciences


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