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Table of Content-Volume 22, Issue 3 - April 2017

Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura with Ebsteins Anamoly in pregnancy: A case report
Ambika Hegde et al
Subject: Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Medical Sciences


Parathyroid nuclear scintigraphy in patients with suspected hyperparathyroidism
Venkatachalapathy Easwaramoorthy, Viyango Pandian
Subject: Nuclear Medicine and Radiology, Medical Sciences

FrFacial nerve paralysis: Diagnosis, evaluation, and management
Rizwan Ahmad
Subject: ENT, Medical Sciences


Assessment and management of patients with severe-to-profound sensorineural hearing loss
Rizwan Ahmad
Subject: ENT, Medical Sciences


Prevalence of anaemia in females with type-II diabetes mellitus
M Dhanalakshmi, K R Gopalakrishnan, B Krishnaswamy, Valluvan Manimozhi, P Viswanathan
Subject: Pathology, Medical Sciences


A study of effect of physical activity intervention on the BMI of school going children
Sanket Nagrale, Mariya P Jiandani
Subject: N, Medical Sciences


Role of the antibiotics in post-operative period after septoplasty
Manoj Kumar
Subject: ENT, Medical Sciences


Retrospective cytomorphological analysis of breast lesions in tertiary care hospital
Dilip S Sarate et al.
Subject: Pathology, Medical Sciences


Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media
Manoj Kumar
Subject: ENT, Medical Sciences


Microlaryngoscopic observation and incidence of vocal nodules among the patient having hoarseness
Rizwan Ahmad, B K Roy
Subject: ENT, Medical Sciences


Effectiveness of aerobic exercise in grade 1 and grade 2 hypertensive’s
Mansi Babrekar, Gargi Bhalekar
Subject: Physiotherapy, Medical Sciences


A study of immunization coverage in the rural field practice area
Hemant Kumar et al
Subject: Community Medicine, Medical Sciences


Outcome of newborn babies in NICU BRIMS Bidar
Shantala Koujalgi, Ravikant
Subject: Paediatrics, Medical Sciences


A study on CVA and its clinical correlation with CT scan brain findings
Midde Ranga Raja Rao, Sadupati Durga Prasad, Ande Adarsh
Subject: General Medicine, Medical Sciences


Cases of retrovesical ectopic prostat tissue
Vikas Neerajakshulu, Siva Sai Bharadwaja, Mohanchandra Suvarna
Subject: General Surgery, Medical Sciences


Role of ionized calcium in critically ill patients
S A Chogle, C A Sathe, L Colaco, D D Bharadwaj
Subject: Pathology and Biochemistry, Medical Sciences


Post operative wound infections: pattern of bacterial pathogens and their antibiotic sensitivity in a tertiary care hospital of north India
Natasha Sawhney, Rahul Prabhas, Varsha A Singh
Subject: Microbiology, Medical Sciences


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