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Table of Content - Volume 26 Issue 2 March 2018

Risk and prevalence of thyroid disorder among Indian population: A meta-analysis
Statistical Sciences
Subject: Geological Sciences

Greywater treatment by vermifilter: A low-cost option for rural sanitation in India
Patil Y M, Munavalli G R
Subject: Engineering Techonolies

A comparative study of lipoprotein (a) level in young adults with and without family history of hypertension/diabetes mellitus
Muhammed Ashraf K, Pradeep Kumar K M, Geetha P A, Bhaskaran Chalil
Subject: Medical Sciences

Nanoparticles coupled with microorganisms mediated photocatalytic mineralization, detoxification and disinfection of phenolic waste water
Bholay A D, Khairnar Sayali, Bhagwat Ayushi
Subject: Microbiology, Medical Sciences

Ayurvedic importance of the process of anulepana in sanskrit plays
Anjali Oak
Subject: Ayurveda

Recent developments in anticancer applications of the Schiff bases and their metal complexes
Madhuri Chaurasia, Sulekh Chandra
Subject: Chemical Sciences

The impact of patient’s pre operative characteristics on post operative health status in THR patients

Jaywant Nagulkar, Samiksha Talreja
Subject: Anatomy, Medical Sciences

Radiographic study of anatomical basis of Coracoacromial arch impingement due to varied morphology of acromion process
Aruna Y Yadav, A D Patil
Subject: Anatomy, Medical Sciences

A study to assess the effectiveness of cranberry juice on urinary tract infection among post natal mothers in selected hospitals
Shwetha Shamlal Kayasth, Nilima R. Bhore
Subject: Nursing Sciences

Isolation and characterization of thermostable lipases from themophilic bacteria isolated from hot water spring
R J Pungle, S G Sapkal, B D Vyawahare, P R Bhandwalkar, S B Bedwal, R S Pise, S A Rathod
Subject: Biotechnology Sciences

A phantom study on the influence of viscosity of blood, percentage diameter stenosis, length of stenosis and cross-sectional area of blood vessel on blood flow dynamics in peripheral (brachial and femoral) artery models using Doppler ultrasound spectral analysis
Sudha Pattan, Santhosh Joseph, Venkata Sai P M, Aruna P, Ravishankar P
Subject: Radiology and Imaging Sciences

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