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International Journal of Recent Trends in Science and Technology, E-ISSN: 2249-8109


Volume 2, Issue 1, 2012 pp 01-04


Date of Publish: 05 January  2012


Research Article


A Prevalence Study of Intestinal Parasitic Infections in a Rural Hospital

M.S. Davane1, N.M. Suryawanshi2, K.D. Deshpande3

1, 2, 3 Resident, Department of Microbiology, MIMSR Medical College, Latur (MS) INDIA.

Academic Editor:  Dr. Pawar D.D.


Survey on prevalence of various intestinal parasitic infections is prerequisite to obtain an accurate understanding of burden of cases of intestinal parasitic infections in particular area. The aim of present study was to determine the prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections among all age group of people in Latur district, India. Material and Method: A total of 211 stool samples were collected from all age groups and examined by routine naked eye and microscopic examination. Results: 14(6.63%) stool samples showed presence of ova/cysts of protozoa or helminths. Protozoal cysts or trophozoites were found in 3(32.4%) while helminthic eggs were found in 11(78.5%) of positive samples. Conclusion: The prevalence is very low as compared to other studies. These findings suggest that there is increased awareness of personal hygiene and sanitary practices among people in this area.