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International Journal of Recent Trends in Science and Technology, ISSN 2277-2812 E-ISSN: 2249-8109

Volume 12, Issue 1, September 2014 pp 131-134

Research Article

Analysis of determinants of low birth weight in Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Vijay P. More1, Sandeep V. Pakhale2, Dilip N. Dhekale3, Devendra R. Chaudhari4, Vitthal S. Shinde5

{1Assistant Professor, 3Associate Professor, Department of Community Medicine}, {2Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy}, {4Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology}, {5Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry}

Dr. Ulhas Patil Medical College and Hospital, Jalgaon (KH), Maharashtra, INDIA.

Background: Birth weight is a sensitive indicator for predicting the chances of both infant survival and healthy child growth. It is also documented that children with low birth weight (LBW) are at risk for reduced intelligence test scores when they have reached the school age, even if their birth weight is corrected infancy. Objectives: To examine the incidence of Low Birth Weight (LBW) and its association with the epidemiological factors in the study region. Material and Methods: The prominent factors associated with LBW such as maternal age, birth order of baby, proportion of pre-term babies, gender were studied in a community of Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. The total 3952 births in the Godavari Hospital, Jalgaon over the period Feb 2003 to Sept 2012 were analyzed in the study. Results: The average birth weight of all newborns was 2.68 ± 0.54 Kg and 24.8% of newborns were low birth weight. Conclusion: There was no significant change in the average BW of babies in the last ten years in the study region.