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International Journal of Recent Trends in Science and Technology, ISSN 2277-2812 E-ISSN: 2249-8109

Volume 12, Issue 1, September 2014 pp 24-27

Research Article
Effect on sexual dysfunction in depressed females after treatment with SSRI antidepressants

Abhivant Niteen N.1, Sawant Neena S.2

1Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Dr. V. M. Government Medical College, Solapur-413003, Maharashtra, INDIA.

2Professor (Additional), Department of Psychiatry, Seth G. S. Medical College and K. E. M. hospital, Parel Mumbai-400012, Maharashtra, INDIA.

Introduction: Depression is associated with sexual dysfunction. As the depression improves sexual dysfunction also improves. There are not many studies on female sexuality. Aims and Objectives: To find out the changes in sexual functioning in depressed females after treatment with anti-depressant drugs. Method: 41 female patients diagnosed to have depression were included in study. Becks Depression Inventory, Arizona Sexual Experience Scale and Female Sexual Functioning Index scales were applied at the beginning and after 6 weeks to assess the improvement in sexual dysfunction and depression. Results: When scores were compared after 6 weeks of antidepressant treatment then a highly significant difference was seen on all the scores of BDI ( p< 0.000***), ASEX ( p< 0.027***)and FSFI. (p< 0.01**). On the various domains of FSFI a highly significant difference was seen on the domains of Arousal (p< 0.03**), Lubrication (p< 0.051**), Orgasm (p< 0.028**) and Satisfaction (p< 0.06**). Desire and pain domains did not show any significant changes. Conclusions: This study showed significant improvement in sexual dysfunction and different aspects of sexual dysfunctions after treatment with antidepressants for 6 weeks.