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International Journal of Recent Trends in Science and Technology, ISSN 2277-2812 E-ISSN: 2249-8109

Volume 15, Issue 1, May 2015 pp 01-05

Research Article

Traditional demonstration versus modified demonstration in the department of anatomy

Surwase Ramdas Gopalrao1, Ferozkhan J Pathan2, Smita Balsurkar3, Mahesh Ugale4, Prity Solanke5

1,2,4,5Associate Professor, 3Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, MIMSR Medical College, Latur, Maharashtra, INDIA.

Aim and Objectives: 1) To compare learning gain between traditional demonstration and modified demonstration. 2) To implement better method throughout the year. 3) Application of knowledge of anatomy for the better patient care. Methodology: Ist MBBS (100) students 2014-15 batch pretest on bones of upper extremity was taken and evaluated. Students are divided into two groups Group-A and Group-B50 students each. For the one Group-A demonstration is done by routine demonstrations and for the Group –B teaching was started with modified method that is with bones and showing the video clips of respective bones. After the completion of demonstration of bones of upper extremity posttest was taken and evaluated. Statistical analysis was done with the help of excel program. Results: For the bones of upper extremity demonstration, mean score of the Group- B is more as compared to Group A. The calculated Z-value is three times greater than standard error value. Hence the observed difference in mean score of two groups is real in 99% students and is due to the intervention given to the students. Conclusions: The learning gain for the group-B is more than Group-A. More learning gain for this group is because of intervention that is video clip.