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International Journal of Recent Trends in Science and Technology, ISSN 2277-2812 E-ISSN: 2249-8109

Volume 16, Issue 2, Sept 2015 pp 267-270

Research Article

Clinicopathological study of primary adenocarcinoma of vermiform appendi: Rare entity

Jyotsna V Wader1, Ramchandra Naniwadekar2, Shrutika D Dhawan1, Sanjeev R Kulkarni2

{1Department of Pathology} {2Department of Surgery} Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Karad, Maharashtra, INDIA.

Aim: To study pathology of primary adenocarcinoma of appendix and correlate the findings with clinical data and management. Design: Eight year retrospective observational study was carried out in our institute. Result: All the appendectomies received were studied in detail. Out of 1574 appendectomies, only 6 cases (0.38%) were diagnosed as primary adenocarcinoma of appendix. Most common pre-operative clinical diagnosis was appendicitis (66.6%). Mean age at presentation was 50 years and male predominance (83%) was noted. Majority cases (66.6%) were given radiological diagnosis of appendicitis. Four cases underwent appendectomy alone whereas right hemicolectomy was performed in two. One case underwent right hemicolectomy at a later stage based on histopathological diagnosis of adenocarcinoma appendix. One case presented with metastasis to liver (16.6%) rest all were in early stage at presentation. All the cases are disease free at the end of follow-up of 6 months. Conclusion: Adenocarcinoma of appendix is extremely rare neoplasm usually discovered incidentally on the pathological examination of the surgical specimens. The propensity of these neoplasms for presenting as acute appendicitis mandates the clinician to be aware of the appropriate management of this entity and highlights the need of histopathological examination of every surgical removed appendix.