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Abstract Introduction: There are numbers of people in India suffering from common skin Problems. They are found in children, young and adults as well as in old persons. The common skin problems are Acne, Burn scars, Hyperhidrosis, Psoriasis, Scabies, Skin grafting, Vitiligo, Pediculosis, Herpes simplex infection, Varicella, Herpes Zoster, Erythema, Urticaria etc. Dermatological problem in India manifests as primary and secondary cutaneous complaints. Among them, allergy and itches are widely observed in most of the patients. Aims and Objectives: To study Distribution of Cases and Outcome at Dermatology and Venereal Disease Inpatient Department of a Tertiary Care Hospital Methodology: This was cross sectional, hospital based study during the period of Jan 2013 to Jan 214 in All the patients with dermatological illness admitted to tertiary care hospital . All the information necessary was collected by using pretested, semi-structured questionnaire. During this year total 296 patients were included into the study. Result: Overall the Scabies, Skin infections like Fungal ,Bacterial and Viral, Auto-immune, Auto-immune UTI/STDs are more common in Males but Acne found to be more common In Female .Also it is clear that Scabies was more common in <10 and 10-20 years age group, Skin infections like Fungal, Bacterial and Viral were more common in 20-30, 30-40 yrs., age group, Acne was more common in the 20-30 and 30-40 years age group. Auto immune diseases were common in 30-40 and 40-50 yrs. age group. UTI/STDs were more common in 30-40 and 20-30 yrs. age group. mean duration of time to improvement required was highest for UTI/STDs 12±4.5 followed by Acne 9±2.1, Skin infections like Fungal ,Bacterial and Viral 6±3.1, Auto-immune 5±3.1, Scabies3±2, Others,4.5±3.1. Conclusions: Knowledge of various prevalence patterns of specific dieses of Dermatology and Venereology as per the age, sex, should be considered while diagnosing and management of patients.

Keywords: Dermatology and Venereal Diseases, UTI/STDs.



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