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Abstract Introduction: Vitiligo is an acquired pigmentary disorder presenting as hypopigmented or depigmented macules and affects 0.5-2% of the population worldwide. Segmental vitiligo has depigmented macules arranged in a dermatomal or quasi-dermatomal distribution, which does not cross the midline and is usually unresponsive to medical treatment. There are two clinically recognized distinct variants of vitiligo based on distribution of depigmented areas; generalized and localized. Generalized or bilateral symmetrical form of vitiligo is a disease that destroys skin and mucosal membranes melanocytes progressively, and in some cases could involve ears and eyes Aims and Objective: To study effect of follicle auto graft in the treatment of segmental vitiligo. Methodology: After approval from Institutional Ethical committee This clinical trial was carried out at tertiary care hospital in 30 patients Diagnosed of segmental vitiligo who suffered from persistent form of segmental vitiligo for more than 3 years in the year 2014. The patients were not in the progressing phase of their disease at the time of enrollment. Patients were enrolled after their informed written consent. Result: In this study was no re pigmentation around the segmental vitiligo but this re pigmentation after the treatment goes on increasing at, 2 wks. Mean repigmentation area was 1±0.93mm, 4 wks. -2±1.12mm,8wks-4±1.23mm,12wks-5±1.54mm,16wks-6±.94,20wks-8±1.21,24wks-9±1.32 which were highly significant if compared between previous and after weeks mean re-pigmentation area. (P<0.001,t=9.78,df=29, P<0.001, t=6.585,df=57, P<0.001, t=3,df=47, P<0.001,t=7.14,df=54 respectively) Conclusion: As repigmentations was significantly higher at the end of six month and more than the before the treatment so this method is useful for regimentation in segmental vitiligo, so this method should be used whereEver possible in the treatment of segmental vitiligo.

Keywords: Segmental Vitiligo, Hair follicle autograft.


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