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Abstract  In the era of laparoscopic management of Cholelithiasis, chloledocholithiasis is not routinely managed by laparoscopically because laparoscopic management of CBD stones demands skills and equipment, and is therefore used by few surgeons. Therefore open surgery is still a treatment of choice in many hospitals. The classical performance of bile duct exploration is associated with the problem of an incised bile duct closure. Choledochotomy followed by T-tube drainage is a traditional surgical treatment for chloledocholithiasis but it is not exempt from complications, which are present in up to 10% of patients. The most frequent of these is bile leakage after removal, which is reported to occur in 1–19% of cases. Primary closure of the CBD after exploration is not new. Halstead first described the advantages of primary closure. In our hospital, open CBD exploration is still the treatment chosen for CBD stones. In this study, our aim was to assess the outcome of primary closure of common bile duct over feeding tube after choledochotomy.

Keywords: Chloledocholithiasis, feeding tube, primary closure.



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