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Abstract Aim: To analyze the various factors affecting the outcome of external dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR). Materials and methods: Prospective study of forty five cases of chronic dacryocystitis, underwent planned external DCR without silicon tube intubation under local anesthesia (LA) by single surgeon. All the patient followed up post operatively for one and half years. During follow up periods patients were evaluated by syringing. Results: Syringing was freely patent in all the cases. Two patients developed post operative bleeding which was effectively controlled by fresh adrenaline soaked nasal pack. Conclusion: Proper pre operative evaluation and medications, investigations, ideal size bony ostium, adequate size flaps and suturing of both the flaps, surgeon skills and post operative medications are the main factors which influences the outcome of the external DCR.

Key Words: PREOP Evaluation, Ideal Ostium Opening & Flaps, Post OP Medications, Successful DCR.



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