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Abstract Objective: To determine the awareness and use of contraception by women seeking termination of pregnancy in MGM Medical College, Aurangabad. Materials and Methods: The study is a cross sectional opinion survey of patients attending OBGY OPD of MGM Medical College, Aurangabad using a pretested questionnaire. Results: Mean age of respondents was between 20-30yrs. 86% women were Hindus. Most of the women were multiparous.42% women were not aware of contraceptives.2% were aware of emergency contraception Conclusion: Among users, most common method of contraception was condom. Females in young age group were more vulnerable to unwanted pregnancy. More than 3/4th (84%) of females had completed their family. These unwanted pregnancies which were getting terminated had real need of awareness of contraception.

Keywords: Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP), awareness of contraception, emergency contraception, Maternal mortality.


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