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Abstract Introduction: Acute appendicitis is the most common cause of acute abdominal pain and Appendiscetomy is the most frequently performed emergency surgery in the world. Although acute appendicitis mortality is low, morbidity remains high Aims and Objective: To study the Factors Responsible for Emergency Appendiscetomy. Methodology: After approval from institutional ethical committee This was hospital based, Prospective study of patients with Appendicitis confirmed by Ultrasonography at tertiary care hospital of January 2014 to January 2015 one year duration. All patients of who was having complications like perforated appendicitis or appendicitis with intestinal perforation all such necessary emergency situation were operated in emergency while other patients were operated electively. During one year duration total 105 patients of appendicitis were studied out of them 21 required emergency Operation while rest of the patients were treated electively. Data was analyzed by Chi-square test, Standard Error of Proportion (z-score) calculated by Graph Pad Prism 6 Software. Result: Most common age group of appendicitis was found in 31-40 (29.52%); 51-60(18.09%);>60 (14.28%); 41-50 (13.33%) ; 21-30 (10.47%); 11-20 (7.61%) ; <10 (6.66%). Majority of the Male patients were having Emergency Appendicitis surgery i.e. (28.30%) than Females i.e. (11.54%) this difference statistically significant (P< 0.031; X2 =3.088.). Factors like Age>60 (P<0.05; Z=6.275); H/o Alcohol Addiction(P<0.05;Z=6.11); COPD (P<0.05;Z=5.186);H/o Diabetes (P<0.05;Z=4.76); H/o Fever > 380c (P<0.05;Z=5.77); Delay in Diagnosis and Treatment >24 hr. (P<0.05;Z=6.301) were significantly associated with Emergency Appendiscetomy Operation. Conclusion: Factors like Age>60; H/o Alcohol Addiction; COPD; H/o Diabetes H/o Fever > 380c; Delay in Diagnosis and Treatment >24 hr. were significantly associated with Emergency Appendiscetomy Operation so these factors should be considered to prevent complications.

Keywords: Appendiscetomy, Perforation of Appendix, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Diabetes.


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