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Abstract Background: Use of Albizzia lebbeck (Shirish) plant has been mentioned in literature of Ayurvedic Samhita’s. It is also known commonly as Shirish, continues to be a plant useful in snake bite in India. Medicinal uses of this plant including antitoxic have been mentioned in literature, but scientific evidence is lacking. Objective: The objective was to study the efficacy of Panchsheerisha Agada in Common Cobra and Russell’s viper venom poisoning as a first aid measure. As well as to study whether there is any adverse reaction between Panchsheerisha Agada and Poly Valent Anti Snake Venom Serum (PVASVS). Material and Method: In this vivo study Common Cobra snake venom, Russell’s Viper snake venom, experimental drug- Panchsheerisha Agada and PVASVS are given separately, simulating actual situation of snake bite. Observation and Discussion: In the eight groups of 6 animal in each group symptoms like- Tremors, Paralysis, Convulsions and Survival period with Common Cobra venom and Muscle weakness, Survival period with Russell's Viper venom is observed with PanchsheerishaAgada and PVASVS. Result: Survival period in Common Cobra venom + Panchsheerisha Agada as well as Russell’s Viper venom + Panchsheerisha Agada is statistically significant. Conclusion: Panchsheerisha Agada can be use as first aid measure in snake venom poisoning.

Keywords: Albizzia lebbeck, Shirish, Panchsheerisha Agada, PVASVS, Common Cobra snake venom, Russell’s Viper snake venom, Albino mice.



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