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Abstract Introduction: Due to rapid development in the field of science and technology and vast growth in the industrial and agricultural sector, the incidence of poisoning is very high in our country. Death as a reason of poisoning/drug abuse is of enormous medical, legal and social significance. Poisoning due to organophosphorous compound has been very common in our country. The incidence of death due to poisoning is very high has steadily increased in the recent past and has reached a level. Where it can called ‘a social calamity’. Aims and Objectives: To study the types, manner of poisoning and clinical presentation, mortality in different poisoning. Materials and Method: The patients who were admitted at GMC Aurangabad with history suggestive of acute poisoning to the department of medicine were considered for evaluation. The study has been carried out for One year. A detailed history and clinical examination was carried out according to proforma. Stomach wash given with 2% KmnO4, Stomach samples were send for medicolegal purpose. Summary and Conclusion: Total number of patients taken for study are 300 patient. Out of which 190 male 110 female. The incidence of poisoning was common in young married individual, rural area and common in joint family. The common mode of poison is by oral route. The common cause of poisoning are marital disharmony, extramarital relation, impotency, alcoholic husband and quarrel with parents.

Keywords: Acute Poisoning, Organophosphorous Compound Poisoning.



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