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Abstract Introduction: Congenital malformations are one of the important causes of still births and infant mortality. The incidence of congenital malformations in infants is on rise in antenatal and during neonatal period due to advanced diagnostic technology, especially sonography and fetal echocardiography. Objective: To determine the incidence and type of congenital malformations among neonates delivered at Krishna hospital and research centre. Methodology: This prospective study was conducted in Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences from 1st January 2013 to 31 December 2014 (2 years). During the study period, all newborns delivered at Krishna hospital were examined clinically and investigated further, if required. Results: Out of the total 9651 deliveries conducted during study period, 9439 were live births and 212 were stillbirths. The total number of babies with congenital malformations was 246 (2.54%). Out of the 9472 singleton births, 192 (2.02%) were malformed. 71 of the 246 malformed babies (16.67%) were still born. The maternal tobacco chewing and smoking was found to have a higher risk of congenital anomalies. CNS malformations were most common in our study followed by cardiovascular malformations. Conclusion: Congenital malformations are a major cause of perinatal mortality at present. Clinical evaluation of various systems of high risk newborns to rule out congenital anomalies is the important factor to be considered.

Keywords: Congenital malformations, musculoskeletal, screening, cleft lip/palate.


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