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Abstract  Introduction: Gallbladder disease represents a major health problem worldwide and has been known since the time of the Egyptian dynasty. More than 98% of all gallbladder and biliary track disorders are one way or another connected to cholelithiasis, and calculus diseases constitutes most of the cases that seek surgical attention. It may present as acute chole-cystitis which many progress to empyema, chronic calculus cholecystitis or mucocele. Carcinoma of the gallbladder (GBC), although it has a low overall prevalence, is the most common cancer of the biliary tree and one of the most highly malignant tumors with poor prognosis. Aims and Objectives: To see the clinic epidemiological factors responsible for gall bladder disease. Methodology: All the cases presenting with gall bladder disease over the period of 12months from 30 June 2007 till 29 June 2008 in the Surgery Outpatient Department and Casualty at Gauhati Medical College And Hospital, Guwahati were included in this prospective study. Out of 149 cases, 56 were included in this study. Result: Overall the presentations of acute cases of gall bladder was more, than chronic and malignant i.e. 29 (44.62%), 23 (41.07%) and 4 (.40%) respectively. Maximal incidence in females was seen in the fifth decade, whiles the maximum incidence in males was seen in the fourth decade. The male to female ratio was 1:4.09 but in the malignant group the ratio is 1:3. Gallbladder disease with palpable lumps was maximally seen in housewives, which is around 66.07%. Next common occupation was male cultivators constituting 10.71%. 32.2% of the case belonged to the lower middle class of society. Conclusion: As the cases were more common in Females in fourth decade and in middle and low socio economic groups patients so special attention should be given for prevention and diagnosis these groups.

Keywords: Gall Bladder Lump, Gall Bladder Cancer (GBC).


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