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Abstract      Introduction: Stress related mucosal damage (SRMD), also called stress ulcers, is the cause of upper gastrointestinal bleed in critically ill patients. Head injuries account for majority of stress ulcers. Endoscopically, these appear as multiple erosions or sub mucosalhemorrhages. The risk of bleeding is directly proportional to the severity of stress. 10-20% of patients can have massive bleeding if no prophylactic therapy is given. Pathophysiologic ally, CNS-related stress ulcer has more gastric acidity and higher gastrin levels with normal mucosal barrier as compared to non-CNS related stress ulcer. As bleeding from SRMD is difficult to treat, prophylaxis reduced the relevant clinical consequences. The most important aspect is to treat the underlying cause. Antacids, H2-blockers, sucralfate and proton pump inhibitors have been tried, either alone or in combination. Aims and Objective: To study the effectiveness of Sucralfate in the treatment of Peptic Ulcers. Methodology: This was a case series of 50 cases at tertiary health care in year 2014 were studied. All these 50 known patients of Peptic ulcer disease were diagnosed by endoscopy. All the patients who have given informed written consent were included into study except patients having hypophosphatemia severe renal defect. Graph Pad Prism software was used for statistical analysis Result: At the beginning of the treatment the size was 13.1±5.1mm, At 8 week’s size was 7.8±4.5mm.12 weeks the mean size was 3.2±1.2mm. 16 weeks the mean 1.2±.82mm. The reduction in size of the ulcer was significantly lesser than it previous size i.e. (in between 0 wks to 8 wks; P<0.001, t=5.85,df=98: 8wks to 12 wks; P<0.001, t=7.78, df=98: 12 wks to 16 wks; P<0.0001, t=9.73, df=98.Most common side effect of the Sucralfate was Constipation (44%) followed by Headache (20.00%), Nausea Vomiting (12%), Dizziness(12.00%), Indigestion(12%). Conclusion: Sucralfate significantly reduces size of the ulcer if it used long duration, so it should be used in the maintenance therapy or prophylactic therapy of the treatment Peptic ulcers.

Key Words: Sucralfate, Gastric Ulcer.


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