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Abstract  Introduction: CSOM is a word wide disease especially in the developing areas of the world. In developed Western countries, it is vanishing since operations for chronic otitis media seem to have decreased markedly over the past few decades ALHO et al. (1997). The prevalence rate of hearing impairment in our latest study is 13%, (125) with CSOM. The prevalence was found to be slightly higher in male children than female. The rate was found to be higher among children from the Southern and Eastern Province of the country. This truly reflects the poor social, economic conditions of this population, the poor health care facilities, public awareness, poor water supply and sanitation. Aims and Objectives: To study Prevalence of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media at ENT Inpatient Department of a Tertiary Care Hospital Methodology: This was a Hospital Based, Cross-sectional study at Tertiary care hospital during the year Jan 2014 to Jan 2015, during one year period. All the patients admitted to ENT ward and Diagnosed as Chronic Suppurative Otitis media was studied for one year period. Out of the total 510 during one year 64 were with CSOM found admitted to ward during this year. All the necessary data and associated conditions was collected using, pretested, semi-structured questionnaire. Result: over all hospital prevalence of CSOM was 7.91%. Most of the CSOM patients were from Age group 21-30 (25.00%); followed by 31-40 18.75%; 11-20 yrs. (17.19%), <10 10.94%; 41-50 (10.93%); 51-60 (9.37%); 61-70 (4.68%). Proportion of Male was more (59.37%)) as compared to Females i.e. (40.62%)Most common associated condition with CSOM wasFrequent ARI infections 80%; Low Socio Economic Status 75%; Unhygienic practices 74%; Rural 70%; H/o Exposure to Indoor pollution 65%; Overcrowding present 56%. Conclusion: most common associated conditions in our study found to be Frequent ARI infections 80%; Low Socio Economic Status; Unhygienic practices; H/o Exposure to Indoor pollution; Overcrowding present. So all these factors should be reduced to prevent CSOM infection.

Keyword: CSOM (Chronic suppurative Otitis Media), ARI (Acute Respiratory Tract Infections), Overcrowding.


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