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Abstract Introduction: Pediatric intensive care units (PICU) aims at promoting qualified care with the objective of achieving the best results and better progress for critically ill children. Mortality and length of PICU stay are the indicators of the outcomes of patient clinical condition. In order to measure severity, risk of mortality, scores are employed that establish a numerical scale and in this way they compare estimated mortality in percent with the observed mortality. Estimates of morbidity serve as a reliable indicator of intensive care performance, comparison among medical centers, cost/benefit analyses, and evaluation of new therapeutic or management modalities1,2. Hence the present prospective observational study is undertaken to evaluate the usefulness of serial evaluation of SOFA (Sequential Organ Failure Assessment) score for prediction of mortality in critically ill patients admitted in pediatric intensive care unit. Aims and Objectives: 1. To determine usefulness of repeated measurement of the SOFA score for `prediction of mortality in pediatric intensive care unit patients. 2. To determine admission trend and average stay in Pediatric ICU. 3. To determine outcome in Pediatric ICU. Material and method: The present prospective observational study was conducted in pediatrics department of tertiary care centre from Nov 2011 to Oct 2012. The study group includes patients admitted in PICU with following inclusion and exclusion criteria. The data was recorded and mean, median and range was calculated using Univariate logistic. Observation and Results: The study group includes 351 patients of 1-18 years with mean age of 6.3 years admitted in PICU satisfying the inclusion criteria. In present study out of 351 patients admitted in PICU, 200 were males and 151 were males with male to female ratio of 1:1.32. The mean, median and range of length of hospital stay of patients admitted in PICU were 3.12,3 and 2-13 respectively. Out of 351 patients admitted in PICU 81(23%) died. In present study we found that the initial SOFA score was significantly related to vital status. An initial SOFA score up to 11 predicted a mortality of 44 % while an initial SOFA score of greater than 11 predicted a mortality rate of 100 %. The highest SOFA score was also correlated with mortality, highest scores of 11 correlated with a mortality rate of 40% while those higher than 14 were associated with a mortality rate greater than 93 %. The mean SOFA score over the entire ICU stay was also correlated with mortality. Conclusion: In our study, we found that the SOFA scoring systems had an improved accuracy in predicting mortality, were well calibrated and could discriminate between survivors and non-survivors more effectively. Even though we are still far from finding an ideal scoring system, SOFA scoring system do show the way forward.Keywords: SOFA (Sequential Organ Failure Assessment) Score, Mortality, PICU, 1-18 years children.

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