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Abstract The present hydro-geochemical study of groundwater samples from the in PTW-1 Watershed, Buldhana District, Vidharbha region, India was carried out to assess their suitability for agricultural, domestic and drinking purposes. For this study, samples were collected from 25 locations during the post-monsoon sessions. Groundwater samples were analyzed for their physical and chemical properties using standard laboratory methods. Physical and chemical parameters of groundwater such as pH, electrical conductivity, and total dissolved solids, Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+, Cl-, CO3−, H CO3−, SO42−, NO−3 and F− were determined. Various water quality indices like SAR, SSP, PI, RSC, MAR, CR and KR have been calculated for each water sample to identify the agricultural suitability standard. According to these parameters, the groundwater has been found suitable for agricultural use. For determination of the drinking suitability standard of groundwater, three parameters have been considered is total hardness (TH), nitrate and fluoride. Groundwater of the present study area has been found to be good for domestic use except few locations where quality of groundwater get deteriorated.

Keywords Groundwater quality; agricultural and domestic suitability; PTW-1 watershed


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