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Abstract Introduction: Bipolar disorder is a severe mental illness characterized by chronicity, multiple recurrent episodes, heterogeneity and significant impairment in family, social and occupational functioning Bipolar disorder is the eighth greatest cause of disability in the world. Bipolar disorder (BD) is a common disorder associated with functional and cognitive impairment, negative health outcomes. Aims and Objectives: To study prevalence and various factors associated with Bipolar Affective Disorder at Psychiatry Inpatient Department. Methodology: This was cross-sectional, hospital based study in all the patients admitted to Psychiatry in patient department during the year Jan 2013 to Jan 2105 at tertiary health care Centre as per DSM IV criteria, diagnosed as Bipolar Affective Disorder were 60 patients; included into the study . All the patients related information like socio-demographic characteristics were collected by the pretested, semi structured questionnaire. Result: Prevalence of the Schizophrenia patients was more common in 25-34 yrs. age group i.e. (40.00%), followed by 15-25 i.e. (28.33%), Was more common in Male as compared to female i.e. (63.33%) and (36.66%; also found more prevalent in Un-Married population compared to Married, separated and Divorced i.e. (50.00%) , (36.67%) and (8.33%), (5.00%) respectively. Prevalence was more in Un-employed i.e. 50.00% as compared to Employed, Agricultural-Laborer, Dependent, Own-business i.e. (16.67%), (8.33%), (5.00%), (6.67%). Bipolar Type; Bipolar Disorder I was most common i.e. (70.00%), in First Mood Episode; Elevated was most common (65.00%) and in Mood at Study entry Euthymic was most common (51.67%). The Age at onset was 23.2±7.5; Duration of illness was 8.9±7.8 days ; No. of episodes since onset was 4.4±3.8 days ; No. Episodes hypomania was 3.3±2.8days; No. Episodes of Depression was 1.8±3.1 days; Duration of illness before psychotropic drug prescription was 3.1±3.2 days; Duration of illness before diagnosis of Bipolar disorder was 2.5± 3.4 days ;Duration of illness before hospital admission 2.5±3.4 days Conclusion: The various information like socio demographic factors, clinical types, and various illness related characters of Bipolar Disorder would be useful to management of it.

Keywords: Bipolar Affective Disorder, DSM-IV, Prevalence.


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