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Abstract Introduction: Dementia is an emerging health problem, as the elderly population is increasing so is the prevalence of dementia Cognitive impairment prevalence also increases with increasing age. As such, there is scarcity of prevalence studies from Northern India due to ethnic and sociocultural diversities. There is regional variation in prevalence of cognitive decline as well as risk factors from region to region. Aims and Objectives: To study Prevalence and various factors associated with Dementia at Psychiatry Inpatient Department Methodology: This was a cross sectional, hospital based study in all the patients who diagnosed as Dementia and admitted to the Psychiatry inpatient department at tertiary health care center during the year Mar 2013 to Mar 2014. After obtaining informed consent from each subject, data were collected on a preformed proforma. Hindi-mini-mental state examination (HMSE) was used in each subject. In an elderly person with a HMSE score <23, detailed history and physical examination was done on a pretested proforma. Clinical diagnostic criteria used was Diagnostic and statistical manual for Mental disorder fourth edition Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR) for Alzheimer's disease and Vascular dementia.19. As per above diagnostic criteria only 30 patients were included in this study during the period of one year. Result: As per diagnostic criteria and patients in inpatient department were all above the age of 60 years in that also the most common age group was 60-69 years age group i.e. (63.33%). After that 70-79 (23.33%) and >80 (13.33%). In the study population males were more than females i.e. (56.67%) and (43.33%) respectively. (70.00%) was illiterate as compared to (30.00%) were literate. Most common Diagnosis of Dementia was of Senile (70.00%) followed by Vascular (Atherosclerosis) (16.67%); Alzheimer’s disease (10.00%) and (3.33%) Other Diagnosis (3.33%).Most common Risk factor associated; found in our study was Heavy alcohol Consumption (33.33%) followed by Atherosclerosis (23.33%), Obesity (BMI>30) (16.67%), Diabetes (10.00%), Family history(6.67%), Known case of Psychiatric illness (3.33%), H/O Head injury (3.33%), H/O Smoking (3.33%). Conclusions: As this diseases is associated with some of the risk factors like Heavy alcohol Consumption, Atherosclerosis , Obesity , Diabetes ,Family history, Known case of Psychiatric illness, History of Head injury, history of Smoking so these factors should be avoided and routine mild exercises like yoga and meditation should be promoted in aged persons.

Keywords: Dementia, DSIM-IV, Hindi-mini-mental state examination (HMSE).


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