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Abstract     Objectives: To study efficacy of honey, as a dressing agent, in lower limb ulcers. Methods: This was a prospective study comprises 53 patients of all the age groups with lower limb ulcer were admitted in the department of surgery and treated with local application of honey to the ulcer. Observations and Results: Observations noted in view of reduction in ulcer size, reduction in slough and discharge, culture results, and decrease in pain. In 42 patients duration of symptoms is less than 1 month, 18 patients were suffering from diabetes mellitus, 38 patients were having ulcer size less than 5cm, At the end of 14 days 100% wounds became free of slough and discharge. At the end of seven days only 6 patients were having pain at the ulcer site. On day 14 there was no associated pain. All the 53 ulcers became bacteria free within 14 days. On admission, 44 patients undergone debridement, 47 patients progressed to healthy granulation tissue in 1st week and 100% in two weeks. After 14 days ulcer of nine patients completely healed 50 patients had complete healing of the lower limb ulcer after 1 month evaluation. The mean healing time estimated was 19.98 days. Conclusion: Honey made the wounds bacteria free within 14 days, honey removes offensive smells and has a desloughing action, stimulates rapid granulation tissue formation, stops further infections and the moist environment very suitable for wound recovery. Honey reduces the need for amputations.

Keywords: Honey, efficacy, ulcer, healing.


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