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Abstract     Problem statement: In this study initially an attempt has been taken to draw the demography of alcoholic and non-alcoholic liver disease. With the help of anthropometry and biochemical investigation, an attempt has been made to give an idea on nutritional status of the patients. Malnutrition refers to under nutrition, over nutrition and nutrient deficiency. The distribution of the malnutrition occurs in a society due to different public health outcomes and policy formulation. Body mass index (BMI) is the main indicator of malnutrition. Low social status and poor social relationship are strong determinants of poor health. Methods: It was performed on unselected patients(outdoor) with diagnosis of different kinds of liver disease, who were attending in this institution (M.G.M Medical College and L.S.K Hospital,)The adult patients (50) were included for this study. They were aged 18- 65 yrs. Results: Results are expressed; it has been observed that BMI decrease in ALD and Cirrhosis in Comparison to normal and in Malnutrition II in comparison to normal showed a depressed value. Biochemical parameters – LFT, MDA, GSH value were compared both case and control group and statistical analysis were calculated by the help of SPSS software. Conclusion: Malnutrition in the condition that develops when the body does not get the right amount of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in need to maintain healthy tissues and organ function. Malnutrition is a health problem with multiple facets. The ecological factors related to malnutrition are conditioning influences. Socioeconomic practices, food production, health services, mother education and type of family. Nutritional disorders can affect any system in the body and senses of sight, taste and smell. They also produced anxiety, changes in mood, abnormalities and organ malfunction followed by illness and death.

Keywords: BMI, Malnutrition, ALD, PEM, MAMC, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis.


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