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Abstract          Introduction: The incidence of animal bites is 17.4 per 1000 population in India. Most animal bites in India (91.5%) are by dogs and also high rabies death is being reported from India due to dog bites. Primary wound care and early Post exposure prophylaxis are pivotal for preventing rabies death, thus lack of knowledge, varied perceptions regarding primary wound care in dog bite may be the obstacles for effective implementation of the rabies prevention program. Objectives: To assess the knowledge of primary wound care to prevent rabies. To assess the perception of primary wound care of dog bite. To identify the Incidence of dog bite among adult study population. To classify the types of bite according to the WHO category among dog bite victims. Methodology: A cross sectional study was conducted among adult age group in rural field practice area of our CHRI, Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu. 600 persons were interviewed with a pre structured questionnaire by household survey. Results: Among respondents, 38.7% were from 31-44 years of age and 57% were females while 43% were males. 24% responded positively for primary wound care to prevent rabies. 23.6% responded that dog bite wound should be washed with soap water while 23.8% said that wound should be cleaned with cloth and apply self bandage. 27.3% of study population preferred hospital for treatment where as 19.6 % of the subjects suggested using plant milk extract (calotropis) and 8.5% of participants were in favor of home based medicine for dog bites. Conclusion: This study showed only 24% of people were aware of primary wound care about dog bites and hence, intensified health education has to be focused on the importance of primary wound care of dog bite and it strongly recommends Anti rabies clinic in the rural community.

Key Words: Rabies, Post Exposure Prophylaxis. Anti Rabies Clinic, Rural Health centre



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