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Abstract        Aims and objectives: To study effect of innovative changes made in curriculum of Biochemistry subject of first year M.B.B.S. students by MGM institute of Health Sciences and its relation to effect on learning abilities of the students in terms of final result of Biochemistry in First M.B.B.S. University examination conducted by M.G.M. Institute of Health sciences, Navi Mumbai. Material and Methods: This prospective study was undertaken in Department of Biochemistry, MGM’S Medical College, Aurangabad. Total 700 students from 7 batches from 2008 to 2014 were taken for study. We studied average of passing percentage of batches of First M.B.B.S. students in last 07 years and studied the effects of curriculum changes made in syllabus of Biochemistry with the final university results of the students. Observations and Results :In our study we compared results of the batches in whom innovative changes in curriculum of Biochemistry were done by MGM Institute of health sciences with the earlier batches in which the innovative changes were not made. The mean average result of batches in whom innovative changes were made was 84.1 ± 4.94 in comparison to 75.6 ± 4.24 in the batches in whom curriculum changes were not made. The difference is statistically significant. Conclusion: This shows that innovative changes in Biochemistry such as inclusion of case studies on Liver function tests, Kidney function tests, Lipid profile in practical, principles of recent techniques and introduction to advanced instruments such as autoanalyser, chemiluminesscence immunoassay technique in clinical laboratory to First M.B.B.S. students helps in better understanding of clinicobiochemical correlation of topics and effectively dispensing of teaching learning process including emphasis on student centric methods such as problem based learning and outcome of the students passing rate of university examination is consistently good. This has been shown by average passing rate above 80 % consistently from last 04 years university results which are definitely correlating to innovative changes made in Biochemistry curriculum of first M.B.B.S. by MGMIHS and its successful implementation by Department of Biochemistry, MGM Medical college, Aurangabad.

Keywords: biochemistry, First year MBBS student.


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