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Abstract             Pain on injection of propofol has been ranked 7th among 33 clinical problems. Lidocaine pre treatment for reducing propofol induced pain has a failure rate of 32% to 48% . Ketamine and opioids like fentanyl, both have a local peripheral action. The main aim of this study, is to compare the efficacy of i.v ketamine with i.v fentanyl in alleviating propofolpain. After ethical committee permission, 60 adult patients of ASA class I and II after written informed consent were randomly allocated to two groups A and B and were administered i.v ketamine 0.15 mg/kg and i.v fentanyl 1.5 mcg/kg respectively, 1 minute before propofol injection. The patients in both groups were comparable with respect to demographic and hemodynamic parameters. Pain was graded as per McCrirrick and Hunter Scale and statistically analysed using chi square test. Fentanyl(70%) caused greater alleviation of pain compared toketamine(63.3%).However the difference between the drugs was statistically not significant. Both ketamine 0.15mg/kg and fentanyl 1.5mcg/kg were equally effective in alleviating propofol pain.

Keywords: Propofol Injection, Ketamine, Fentanyl, Pain, Induction.



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