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Abstract               Objective: The aim of this study was to estimate serum Carcino embryonic antigen (S-CEA) levels in oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) patients and compare and correlate it with healthy individuals to evaluate its diagnostic value, to find if any correlation exists between the clinical stages of cancer and serum CEA levels, to compare and correlate serum CEA levels with histological grading of oral cancer. Methods: S-CEA levels of 60 patients (30 normal, 30 with OSCC) were estimated. CEA levels were estimated using a ELITECH CEA quantitatice immunoassay kit. Results Results showed that S-CEA levels were significantly increased in patients with OSCC (a mean of 3.29ng/ml) compared to normal healthy individuals (mean of 1.34ng/ml). This finding was consistent with that of H. Kurokawa et al and Hoffman and Krimmel et al 1998. Specificity, sensitivity, accuracy of the test were 91.7%, 34.5%,51.2% respectively. t value was 6.04 whereas P value was <0.00005. Conclusion: This research suggests that although S- CEA levels could be of diagnostic value in OSCC patients but the levels were not statistically significant for the different clinical stages and histologic grading of OSCC.

Keywords: Histologic grading, Oral Squamous cell carcinoma, S –CEA, TNM staging, Tumor markers.



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