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Abstract               Adenosarcoma is a rare biphasic uterine tumour composed of benign glandular elements and malignant stroma. Here we report a case of Adenosarcoma of Uterine Corpus which presented as, A 24 year old recently married female with menorrhagia and dyspareunia. On clinical examination uterus was enlarged corresponding to 12 weeks and showed a mass protruding into the vagina. Ultrasound scan was performed which showed bulky uterus with heterogeneous mass in endometrial cavity extending inferiorly into endocervix. Magnetic resonance imaging of pelvis (MRI) revealed bulky uterus with heterogeneous mass in endometrial cavity extending into the cervix and partially filling the vagina. There was extensive myometrial involvement with loss of endo-myometrial junction. Cytological test of endometrium revealed malignant stromal and benign glandular cells and was diagnosed as Adenosarcoma of Uterus. She was put on chemotherapy and followed with MRI, which showed significant reduction in tumour size.

Keywords: Adenosarcoma, Magnetic resonance imaging.



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