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Abstract       Dietary habits play a major role in the healthy wellbeing of and individual and may be the key intervention for treatment of overweight and obesity and the chronic disorders along with it. The study to know the incidents of obesity in medical students and its correlation with dietary habits is of great significance as students in general are highly inclined to irregular and unhealthy dietary habits. On the other hand medical students, with irregular and prolonged study schedules tend to be further inclined to such dietary habits. Obesity is well known disorder of the 21st century which is constantly on the rise, carrying with it the vast Variety of health related factors. The study included 200 medical students of the ages 18-24. The students were examined thoroughly, so as to exclude those suffering from major diseases, psychological problems and those on medication. Obesity was determined by calculating the BMI according to the American journal of clinical nutrition. And the grading of obesity into various grades between 18.5 to 24.9 kg/m, was done according to WHO. Dietary habits was determined by a self admitted questionnaire on dietary and exercise habits, (extracted from) “A Survey of Dietary and Exercise Habits and Perceived Barriers to Following a Healthy Lifestyle in a College Population by Kathryn Silliman, Kathleen Rodas-Fortier, Michelle Neyman California State University, Chico2. After appropriate statistical analysis and assessment it was observed that 47 (23.5%) students belonged to the overweight category with BMI ranging from 30.0 to 39.9.Maximum number of students i.e. 89 (44.5%) were found to be inclined to snacking while studying Majority of the students 85 (42.5%) snacked on food items such as chips, crackers and nuts. While 42 (21%) students snacked on ice cream, candy and cookies. There is significant concern about the regularity of consumption of fruits and vegetables, as Maximum number 80 (40%) of students consumed vegetables a mere 2-6 times a week, while only 33 (16.5%) students consumed vegetables daily. Fruits were consumed by majority of students 123 (63%) only once a week or less. while only 11 (5.50%) students consumed fruits on a daily basis.

Keywords: Obesity, dietary habits and Medical field.


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