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Abstract        Prospective study was conducted in 106 patients with sleep related symptoms in tertiary care center in govt. medical college Nanded over a period of 18 months. Of all these 106 patients pre test probability was performed using sleep apnea clinical score for the presence of OSAS. A simple way of using SACS is, calculation of adjusted neck circumference i.e. measured Neck circumference in centimetres (cm) with addition of 3 cm for Snoring, 3 cm for witnessed Apnea and 4 cm for systemic Hypertension Depending upon the calculation of adjusted Neck circumference, the risk of having OSAS is graded as follows: Low risk <43, Moderate risk 43 to 47.9, High risk > 48, Polysomnography was performed for diagnosis of OSAS, AHI of >5 considered diagnostic of OSA. Correlation was established by applying chi square test between SACS and OSA. 14/31 (45.16%) had OSA when their SACS was low, 30/43(69.76%) patients with moderate risk had OSA and 26/32 (81.25%) with high risk had OSA. Of 75 patients with moderate to high risk 56 (74.66%) patients found to have OSA by polysomnography. Thus correlation between SACS and OSA was highly significant. (p value= 0.008261)

Keywords: SACS – sleep apnea clinical score, OSA – obstructive sleep apnea.



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