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Abstract  Introduction: Snake bite may be the earliest and most common poison known to human being. Snake bite is a common cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, especially in tropical countries. The global incidence of snake en-venomations could exceed 5 million per year, with an associated mortality level of 1, 25,000 persons per year. Aims and Objectives: To Study of Prevalence of Renal Failure and Outcome in Snake Bite Patients in Tertiary Care Hospital Methodology: The present study was done at a tertiary care hospital in the urban settings. The study period was 2 years. (December 2012 to November 2014), Prospective Observational-Analytical study Study population consisted of patients diagnosed as case of snake bite induced renal failure. Chi-square test and Fisher Exact test were used for statistical analysis. Result: The Renal Failure was more in the patients with bleeding manifestation. As per Chi square test, p-value is 0.00694 (< 0.05) Hypotension was more in renal Failure Group than non-renal failure group. As per Chi square test, p-value is 0.008405 (< 0.05) which is statistically significant < 20min 47.71% ; > 20min 52.29% Coagulopathy was more in renal failure group as compared to non-renal failure group. As per Chi square test p-value is 0.001798 (< 0.05) which is statistically significant. Mortality in present study was 23.33% in renal failure group and no deaths were recorded from non-renal failure group which statistically Significant Fisher Exact test- p<0.0001. Conclusion: Factors which predisposes to Renal Failure are Bleeding manifestations Hypotension, WBCT> 20 minutes, Coagulopathy and renal failure is having worse prognosis with 23.33% mortality.

Keywords: Renal Failure, Outcome in Snake Bite Patients.



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