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Aim: The aim of the study is to assess the medical students perspective on Open book examination as an effective tool for reviewing and reinforcing the concepts in medical education. Method: Open book examination was conducted to second MBBS students (n=130). 3 sets of pre-validated questions were given to the students. The questions were framed to assess the higher cognitive levels rather than recalling ability. At the end of the exam, a feedback form was given to the students and the results of the feedback were analyzed using Likert scale. Results: 56% of the students agreed with the content and relevance of open book examination. The student’s perspective on open book examination was agreeable with 60%. 75% gave good rating for the organization of the session. The overall impression of the students was 52% agreed for open book exams and 27% disagreed. Conclusion: The student's perspective on open book examination is agreeable and the students felt that open book exams give a better understanding of the subject and motivates the students on self-learning. Open exams enhances the students shills in reinforcing the concepts thereby improving the deep learning.

Keywords: Open book examination, Medical student's perspective, student's assessment, Higher cognitive skills.





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