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Abstract  Introduction: The prevention or at least control of burn wound sepsis is absolutely vital, if mortality rate in the major thermal burns is to the lowered to an acceptable level. Meticulous surgical care of the burn wound and intelligent programs of topical therapy have achieved good result in recent years.” Stone H.H. (1973) Aims and Objectives: To study Clinico-Etiological Profile of Burn and Non- Healing Wounds at Tertiary Health Care Centre. Material and Methods: Patients of burn wounds and non- healing wounds admitted in Govt. medical college hospital. Aurangabad, over a period of jan.1990 to Jan, 1992 is included in this study. Out of 50 cases studied, 40 cases are of burn and 10 cases of non- healing wounds. Result: In Our study we have observed that Maximum number of cases were seen in the age group of 0 to 10 years i.e. 17(37%) cases M:F ratio was 4:3 approximately. burn cases studied are 40 (80%) and number of non- healing wounds are 10(20%) non- healing wounds were of mainly traumatic in origin (6 cases; 12%). A single case each of vascular, diabetic, malignancy and post - operative etiology was studied. 40 burns wounds, 27 had superficial burn and 13 had deep burn while in the group of non- healing wounds there were 3 cases of superficial ulcers and 7 cases of deep ulcers. Conclusion: The clinico-etiological factors are helpful for the management and future prevention of Burn and non -healing ulcers

Keywords: Clinico -Etiological Profile of Burn, Non- Healing Wounds.





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