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Abstract Rhinophyma is a rare benign skin disease characterized by a progressive thickening of nasal skin which produces a disfiguring soft tissue hypertrophy of the nose.It is one of the end processes of severe rosacea and can be a debilitating, functional and psychosocial problem for patients. The diagnosis is mainly clinical with histopathology being confirmatory. Severe cosmetic deformity and impairment of breathing may coexist making surgical treatment of rhinophyma necessary. Various treatment modalities are available with partial tangential excision and allowing for spontaneous re-epithelisation being the treatment of choice, Here, we present a case series of 3 patients complaining of a mass over nose whose clinical features and histopathology showed it to be a rhinophyma and discuss the treatment of the same.

Keywords: Rhinophyma – nasal deformity; rosacea; sebaceous hyperplasia





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