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AbstractIntroduction: Fractures of the distal radius are common injuries in young and elderly patients and are associated with a significant incidence or morbidity. It has been estimated that they account for one sixth and all fractures seen in the accident and emergency department. Aims and Objectives: To Study Various Methods of Immobilization in Acute fractures of lower end of Radius. Methodology: For the present study 103 followed cases of colles’ fractures were studied. Out of these 87 cases were treated by below elbow plaster cast in pronation with wrist in either of following positions. 1. Dorsiflexion, 2. Neutral,3. Palmarflexion. These cases formed the man bulk of the study and were studied in detail. The cases coming to general hospital, Sangli from march 1993 to December 1993 were collected for the O.P.D hours and some as an emergency in casualty. Result: The various methods used for treatment were above elbow cast-8, Percutaneous ‘k’ Wire fixation -4, External fixator -4.51.76% patients approached for medical help within 24 hours of injuryIn 76.47% cases, GA was used for fracture reduction. majority of cases (75.86%) had 4 weeks of plaster immobilization. various wrist position like Dorsiflexion, Neutral, Palmarflexion were almost equally tried in the study. Conclusion: Among these positionsthe probable choice would depend on the stability of the fracture after reduction. The stable may be treated in dorsiflexion of wrist while the unstable one would be better stabilized in neutral position of the wrist.

Keywords: Various Methods of Immobilization, Acute fractures of lower end of Radius.






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