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Abstract There are various methods to determine nutritional status of newborns at birth like weight for gestational age, Body Mass Index (BMI) Ponderal index, mid arm/head circumference ratio, etc., but each has its own drawbacks.  Since neonatal morbidity and mortality is more closely related to nutritional status of newborn at birth, a Clinical Assessment of Nutritional status score (CANSCORE) was developed by Metcoff to differentiate malnourished from appropriately nourished babies. This score has been tested and approved by various other authors also.  Objectives: 1.Detection of fetal malnutrition by Clinical Assessment of Nutritional Status Score (CANSCORE) of term neonates at birth 2. Comparison of CANSCORE with other commonly used anthropometric measures for defining nutritional status of newborn babies Methods: Cross-sectional studyof 200 term healthy newborns born in a teaching hospital were assessed using CANSCORE. Complete anthropometric measurements like weight, length, head circumference (HC), mid arm circumference (MAC), mid arm circumference/ head circumference (MAC/HC) ratio and ponderal index (PI) were determined, and compared to CANSCORE. Results:  with a cut off value 25, CANSCORE identified   74% of the babies as well nourished and 26% as malnourished. Babies were classified as per Weight for age, nearly 71.5% of babies as well nourished and 28.5% as malnourished. MAC/HC ratio classified 69% of babies as well nourished and 31% as malnourished. Also Ponderal Index classified 74.5% the babies as well nourished and 25.5% as malnourished Conclusion: CANSCORE is a simple, clinical method for identifying Fetal Malnutrition (FM) in term babies which can even detect malnourished newborns who are missed by other anthropometric methods.

 Key Words: CAN score, Fetal malnutrition, Term newborns.






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