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Abstract Introduction: Teenage pregnancy is a social problem distributed worldwide. It has serious implications on maternal and child health. Teenage pregnancy is defined as pregnancy in a woman less than 20 years of age Aims and Objectives: To Study Various Maternal Outcomes With respect To Teenage Pregnancies. Methodology: The present study was conducted in the Department of obstetrics and gynaecology of SMGS hospital of Government Medical College Jammu from October, 2012 to September, 2013. Teenage pregnant women (age<20yrs) were compared with pregnant adult women of 20-30 years of age in terms of obstetrical outcome and follow up was done for 7 days postpartum for perinatal outcome. Statistical analysis done by Chi-Square test. Result: Majority of the patients in teenage group were of 18 and 19 years (53.75% and 36.25% respectively). 83.7% of patients among cases had spontaneous onset of labour as compared to 73% among controls. Induction was done in 14.8% among cases as compared to 24.4% among controls Majority of patients i.e. 71.6% of teenage mothers and 73% of controls delivered vaginally LSCS was done in 21.6% of patients among cases and in 23% among controls.6.8% and 3.9% of patients had instrumental delivery among cases and controls respectively Anemia was the most common complication seen in both groups (42% vs. 30.7%) with a p-value of 0.15 which is not significant Preterm labour was seen in 20.7% of cases as compared to 6.4% among controls Fetal distress was seen in 22.97% of cases as compared to 16.6% among controls Preeclampsia and eclampsia were more common in teenage mothers as compared to controls (21.5% vs.11.5%) with a p-value of 0.09 which is not significant PPH was seen in 13.5% of cases and 5.1% among controls. Perineal tear was seen in 5.4% of cases and no case was seen among controls. No obstetrical complication was seen in 23% of teenage mothers as compared to 50% among controls with a p-value of 0.001 which is highly significant. Conclusion: All the bad outcome related to Obstetrics like Spontaneous Induced, LSCS, Instrumental Delivery were more common in Teenage pregnancies also obstetric complications like Eclampsia, IUGR, PROM, Preterm Labour, Fetal Distress, Perineal tear, PPH were also common in Teenage pregnancies.

Keywords: Teenage Pregnancies, PROM, Preterm Labour, Instrumental Delivery, Fetal Distress, PPH.





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