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Abstract Introduction: The goals of wound closure are directed towards avoiding infection and achieving a functional and cosmetically appealing scar. To date, most clinical studies have focused on wound infection rates despite the fact that wound infection rates are low.  Patients are more concerned with the ultimate cosmetic appearance of their wounds. With the development of a reliable and valid cosmetic scale, emphasis is shifting toward measuring cosmetic appearance as the primary outcome measure of wound repair. Aims and Objectives: To Study of Use of Adhesive Glue versus Skin Staplers for Closure of Skin Incisions. Methodology: This study is a prospective study conducted at Tertiary Care Hospital during the period January 2013 to January 2014 after obtaining approval from the Institutional Ethics Committee. We prospectively randomized 66 patients between the age of 20 years and 70 years. The 66 patients by taking their written, explained consent during one year period were randomly divided into Adhesive Glue (Group A) and Skin Staplers (Group B). Data was analyzed by Chi –square test. Result: Majority of the Patients in Group A were having excellent Result at the end of one month i.e. (36.36%) as compared to Group B i.e. 9.09%) and Poor results were more prevalent in Group B i.e. 39.39% than Group A i.e. 9.09%) this observed difference is Statistically Highly significant (χ2 =15.22, df= 4, P<0.0043). Overall the complications were more common in Group B as Compared to Group A i.e. 90.90% and 78.78% respectively. The Complications like Erythema, Uneven scars were more common in Group B i.e. 21.21%) and 69.69% and 0%, 46.15% respectively while Wound Gaping was more prevalent in Group A i.e. 6.06% and 0% respectively this observed difference was statistically significant (χ2=7.651, df=2, P<0.0218). Conclusion: Adhesive Glue was superior as compared to Skin Staplers; with respect to excellent Cosmetic Result and less complications except wound gaping was more prevalent in it.

Keywords: Adhesive Glue, Skin Staplers, Closure of Skin Incisions.





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